"I help YOU remember your True Leadership within, for better: engagement, relationships and results in business and, really in Life." - Maria R. Nebres

About Me

Hello, I'm Maria!

My passion is wellness and high engagement for exceptional results through authentic leadership (is there really ever anything but?), and helping YOU become the person you most want to be in all spaces of your life, because you are a leader. Your most amazing version of you that shows up with love - practices, models, and promotes this - for exceptional results with others, time and time again.  We are, after all, the common denominator in all of our life experiences and relationships, work and personal intertwined. I believe personal mastery is an essential fundamental to true success in anything - less about technical excellence and more about developing the 'Self'. It is through increasingly developing one's Self that we can possess an improved capacity and high sustainable engagement to respond more effectively to a wider range of scenarios / circumstances in our relationships, resulting in exceptional and sustainable results that serve more and better.

Key, important thread to the essence of my "why" - my passion and purpose ...

Growing up in an immigrant home in the Greater Toronto area, the only girl of four children, where Mom tended to home, Dad worked multiple jobs for years, and where the North American and Filipino cultures clashed before me, I quietly struggled in many aspects of my life and identity. I grew from a child to a young adult feeling out of place, begrudgingly convinced that to ‘fit in’, life was all about keeping your dreams private, and performing for others’ standards, wants and needs. I was raised early in life with the notion that my lot for happiness and purpose came from being recognized and accepted as a high performer for others, a body of service for their needs above all else - and I led my life and relationships from this for many years.  

Having limited mentors available at the time and in true youth fashion, I fantasized a lot back then, incessantly pleased others until I was 'seasoned' enough to see that my true path was not what was laid out for me; but rather, many paths for my choosing and consciously deliberate design. I mastered serving others' needs and convincing myself I was successful, so long as this path met their needs within systems and structures of family, social and work. While the expectations were noble in and of themselves, deep down I wanted more but didn't know how to go about it without compromising the status I had built with others - within corporate, entrepreneurship and personal relationships. I only knew (or rather, felt) I wanted more. During and after attaining my Bachelor Degree in Sociology and English, and a professional vocation of Human Resources Management, I grew into my full-on adulthood to become a high achiever, earning a high income to place my mark and status in the working world, having all kinds of friends and social circles, and, well...feeling burnt-out, secretly unfulfilled, and mastering the role of 'Great Pretender'.

I spent many years in search for that sense of balance in personal/home and professional life that could prove me useful for the "working world", community/society, and in my personal relationships, including with myself. My inner-light bulb flickered here in there, silently preoccupied with questions like, If I'm so smart and get things done, why do I feel like a fake? How do I want my son, others, to know me, to relate with me? How can I make a difference with others if I feel so tired and worn out all the time; if I feel like a fraud, worried that everything will fall apart if I stop for even a moment to breathe, to explore what it is I truly want; and WHAT IS IT exactly that I want? Is it possible to achieve success while securing time for myself and those I love?

I realized that nothing could truly fill my heart until I found that path I could call my own. I was operating from a place of surviving and keeping up with external standards and rewards. There had to be something more than chasing time and external rewards! There had to be more than feeling overwhelmed by every little thing, and working harder and more to make it all go away. I yearned for something "better", for myself and for others. While l was regarded as a high performer by employers, and those around me, it seemed never enough, and deep down I felt like a stranger to myself, driven by guilt for not being enough, attracting toxic relationships and the never-ending, tiring wheel of incessant doing and pleasing others, forgetting about me. Not surprisingly, relationships failed, my health suffered progressively, acquiring 3 autoimmune diseases and 2 chronic disorders. I knew then and there, that the only decision was to dive in and do something about it. To find my way back to this 'home' I'd always longed for, within. To figure out who I truly was, what I truly wanted, and to get things done first, right by me. The first was to learn to breathe and exhale (really!), knowing that I am enough, for better.

After having had enough of burn-out myself, I invested in years of personal development and learned from thought leaders, and transformation experts - all, who've contributed to my renewal of Self. With each learning came new habits and a way of life-wisdom anchored in heart, that serve not only others, but first and foremost from they key source for true serving and leadership: from the whole Self and by deliberate, conscious design.

I have found the success path, a way of BEING, the profound power of Love as the essence for the compass to high engagement that taps into core purpose, genius, gifts, talents we all have.

With over17 years as a spiritual entrepreneur specializing in human resources and relations for sustainable business impact through aligned engagement and productivity, over 25 years as a human resources practitioner I have gained wisdom insights into the cultivation and realization of authentic success potential, high engagement and healthy relationships. And I'm honoured to serve clients across high-change environments and diverse industries including healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, translations services, food service, technology, research and development, management consulting and the general public sector. I see experiences and expressions as graces and blessings in disguise which help to cultivate and keep bright, true success path from true self, true leadership that serves from passion, purpose in the context of love, connection and joy.

And so, here we are: The FACTOR OF through True Leadership. My belief that success in anything starts from love, and from true Self. I’m thrilled by the honour and opportunity to share my experiences, gained insights and to help you do the same, in your unique way through your love's brilliance, for you and those around you!  Because when we anchor from love (for self, then to others), we can be whole; we can bring about brilliance in all facets of life (personally and professionally). Everything is about love and is personal - how we navigate through love and the "personal" dimensions of the systems and structures we operate in, are essential for lasting success for what matters most. Now is the time to get started, always... 

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Maria consistently demonstrates the ability to build alliances, promote effective relationships, develop others, think and act strategically for success achievement, both personally and professionally. She is engaging and strongly committed to helping people and organizations develop the bench strength to successfully meet future goals. Maria demonstrates excellent judgement, work ethic, and can effectively balance competing priorities to advance them.

– Lee Kierstead,former Executive Director, Oshawa Community Health Centre
former Chief Executive Officer, Carea Community Health Centre

Maria’s Practice

Her practice includes a heart-centred service dedicated to providing guidance and accountability support for authentic success and engagement, applicable in all areas of personal achievement and business related goals where she leverages her sound technical skills and knowledge in human resources (e.g., employment life cycle, organizational and culture development, employee engagement, success management, employment legislation, teaming, leadership, accountability-based management), personal dimensions transformation and human relations.

Maria has a rare ability to connect with the groups that she provides service to. She can bring her extensive wealth of experience to help solve any HR and people-related issue that may be faced. She is a true people person and leverages her experience and network to solve real business problems. A delight to work with on even the most difficult task, I highly recommend Maria’s work.

– Andrew Obee, President and Chief Executive Officer,Ficanex Group of Companies

Maria’s Framework

As highlighted in her book, Love and the Highly Engaged Team, Maria’s a follows a love and person-centred approach to helping her clients through dilemmas and challenges in the workplace and in personal life through six key iterative phases of transformation to quickly ignite inspiration for high engagement, aligned productivity, and results. Key focus areas woven into guiding on solution paths include: 1) Framing a solid foundation for success, 2) Actions that make success stick, 3) Commitment with accountability for success, 4) Taking care of transformation for success, 5) Orchestrating success by breaking through the comfort zone, and 6) Relationships that matter for lasting results serving all. 

Offering a time-tested universal framework for helping people to get unstuck to achieving high engagement and lasting success, she is able to express her personal mission statement, “to enable and inspire others to create a fulfilling, authentic and successful life deliberately designed in a context of love and joy.”

Maria has been great to work with. She connects very well with people and they readily seek her out for advice. Maria’s keen insights into human nature and her acute sense of business priorities have been extremely valuable.

– Andrew Kun, former Vice President, Research and Development, High-tech industry
(currently Registered Psychotherapist)

Maria’s Deliberate Design

Her deliberate design of her own life and career has gained her a clear and focused path to success while helping others, despite the challenges faced in her own life. Her success journey of personal transformation through abuse, toxic relationships and health struggles, have gracefully transformed her life and career from what she calls her “blessings in disguise.” These blessings have ultimately inspired her to learn from her challenges and transform them into valuable skills and services that have created the “why” for her service and message to others. She continues to be inspired to share the values of healthy mindset and relationships, passion, focus and drive for action-oriented solutions to achieve success that serve all. Today, she feels continually inspired by her clients, blessed by her large circle of loved ones near and far, and lives with her beautiful son, Josh, and their adorable pug-mix dog, Theo, in the greater north-end area of Toronto, Canada.

Maria Maria Maria Maria