Signature Services

 Guiding & Support to Bridge Your Gap

Truly, it all starts at the Personal Level:   Support in personal mastery for addressing "what just happened?" and "what now?" Navigating through high change/life transition, personally and professionally requires a strong foundation, from within. To address anything outside of you, YOU must know who you truly are and firmly root everything that comes your way, from your wholeness, your truths in vitality, well-being, gifts and talents that come from within. We can help guide with that - your remembrance, so that...Next, the whole brilliance of YOU comes out to dance...

At the Organizational Level:   Strategic and tactical services that hone in on top engagement and results for foundational and structural requirements to enhance engagement through relationships, roles, accountability, culture, and workplace practices. Services specialize in mobilizing aligned engagement through high-change and transition climates from business expansions, mergers, acquisitions and re-direction. 

Sectors served include: healthcare services, financial services, pharmaceutical, food and beverage services, technology services, management consulting, outplacement services, distribution, emerging and small businesses.

Awareness, Learning - Deep-Dive into Your True Impact

Spark Engagements for Guiding your focus for "next" in your forward path 

- interactive seminars and learning workshops, private one-on-one  experiences and retreat components, customized to provide support for the integration of personal and professional development needs for individuals, team members/teams and organizations, when it comes to learning fundamentals and techniques for revitalizing one's energy and those around you; for transforming to achieve high engagement, teaming/relationships and success alignment.

Pre-work and Implementation tools provided.

Coaching & Accountability Partnering

Sacred and safe space for coaching, accountability and implementation support, to ensure steps for right action, customized and specific to personal and professional goals and breakthrough support needs. We are all human beings, unique, and with a mind, with emotions, with behaviours, and a soul/spiritual side that guide us. Realization of potential starts here.

Coaching and accountability supports include:  authentic leadership; intuitive wisdom; navigating through employee relations; engagement alignment, leadership wisdom in the workplace; high-change/transition management;  relationship management; performance/success management, teaming, aligned productivity.

Individual and group coaching are also available in-person (post-COVID) and online.


Love and the Highly Engaged Team

  • The truth about lasting success and what it takes to achieve it
  • Why most leaders fail when it comes to leading tired, disengaged employees
  • Two key mindsets and how the right one can help turn problems into solutions that produce commitment and top results
  • The truth about time and how to use it to make it your all
  • An inside-out leadership approach to boosting energy, talent, and engagement
  • A framework with key steps to achieve lasting balance, productivity, and results
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What Jack Canfield Says About Maria

  • Dynamic entrepreneur & seasoned human resources practitioner, specializing in realization of potential, talent sourcing, employee relations, teaming, and authentic success coaching for high engagement.
  • Served clients across the general public sector, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, translation services, high tech, R&D, and management consulting, to name a few.
  • Maria collaborates with her clients and guides on approaches and success principles designed to RAISE IMPACT and engagement through improving personal, team, organization growth and aligned success achievement.
  • Maria has a passion for helping others to live a life by deliberate design rather than by default.
Certified Trainer
Maria R. Nebres

Jack Canfield, Chairman, Canfield Training Group

What We Believe is What We Think, Do & Share 

Services are imprinted with Maria's signature program elements of The True Leadership Compass: Spirit of the Forward Path. Her soul's mission is to serve as a bridge between Mind and Heart in Leadership, between Material and Spirit, Confidence and Influence (masculine and feminine structures), corporate, organizational world and Spirit of Service. In this way, she offers a beacon to guide towards deepest truths of Well-being, Health & Vitality, Passions & Longings, Core Genius & Gifts, so that we lead through clarity of relationships that serve, holistically show up for high engagement, aligned productivity and exceptional results for what matters most - in all aspects of life.

We believe in a healthy humankind and smarter than smart companies (organizations) and high performing professionals know that Love - once tapped into - can be a strategic advantage for their business and cause (mission and vision). A truly great organization is born when a group of people come to work together for a meaningful cause that also serves their ongoing love for a concept, idea, themselves, one another, serving beyond profit (a.k.a "the up- or bottom line") and making a true difference, authentically. Organizations come to life when each person feels whole and inspired, when people working together can healthily relate, feel safe to connect and achieve more than one person working alone - for results everyone can be part of, can be moved by, can be served by in body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

At a universal level, the most important relationship we will ever have is our relationship with our Self. Following that, next is our relationships with one another. When we can start from this understanding, when we nurture it, cultivate it, integrate it, we can then realize the basic truth that prospering and thriving in any aspect of life, is really all about healthy relationships, starting with Self. In addition to technical skills and competencies (yes, important for a business),  personal attributes, the right mindset, "heart", actions and spirit are the foundations by which authentic success can come to life in a healthy, sustainable way, and yes, particularly for a business that wants to grow, thrive, and keep up with competitive edge and challenges. It's not always a clear path to balance this for leaders, for individuals. We're here to help!

Maria R. Nebres is the founder of MPCS Inc., and for over 25 years, has been providing consulting, authenticity coaching and delivery services specializing in the integration of: healing modalities, human relations for authentic success and personal transformation; HR-Business partnership; employee relations; policies and programs development; employee engagement; performance management and talent sourcing/management. Throughout her years supporting her clients, she has managed to hone in on what she believes is key to personal and professional success: authenticity through personal mastery and servitude.

Blending HR expertise with personal development and mastery, Maria targets to help, at a deep level, create better mind-heart centered systems, relationships and supporting resources, for a better workplace and life in the spirit of service, from the inside-out. How? By leveraging personal mastery and authentic success transformation expertise, and bringing back the 'human' and spirit of service into the picture, which includes focusing on and incorporating a unique inside-out approach that can complement and integrate with practices in human resources, operational, business strategies and decision making. We believe that our focus is the solution path to the missing piece of the puzzle for sustainable high engagement, productivity, accountability and authentic success that realizes sustainable results. Engaged employees are essential for a successful business, and a successful business' greatest asset. Investing in providing the right space, environment, tools makes smart business sense. And when we refer to an organization's "people", really we mean every human being in the organization, regardless of role, and functional level. 

Our signature FACTOR OF approach is the guiding template we draws on. It is unique and iterative in nature, incorporating key guiding phases (each supported by essential concepts, steps, processes, and tools that integrate with and reinforce each phase) to support one’s personal success/mindset transformation journey for high engagement for exceptional results potential. It can be integrated with life management strategies, with human resources and business processes to enhance mind- heart centered practices, wellness and engagement frameworks in line with mobilizing an energized, authentic approach for performance and engagement objectives in the spirit of true service and success. 

Events and Insights

Are you worried about how you will lead your tired, disengaged team?

Do you doubt your own ability to successfully lead your team because you feel overwhelmed?

Author and human resources practitioner Maria R. Nebres brings over twenty-five years of personal & professional experiences, gained insights, and problem solving with time-tested measures to offer an integrative framework to answer your leadership questions and address dilemmas.

Wait no longer to achieve your leadership breakthrough and seize the possibility that you can lead during trying times, both personally and professionally.

Signature Speech: “Love is the Solution”

Quickly achieve high engagement, aligned productivity and exceptional results everyone can be moved by, can contribute to and be proud of.

Love is the drive that that makes everything possible, because you’re doing something that truly matters to you and others - now that's engagement!

Maria Nebres speaking at the Expert Speakers Conference

What Readers are Saying About Maria’s Book

Erika Flint

5.0 out of 5 stars - A Must Read on Leadership!

February 20, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

"In a working world where it’s so easy to get lost with “doing” for the sake of external results, the book Love and the Highly Engaged Team offers a refreshing outlook to leading from within. The guiding framework provided is a clear and easy-to-follow approach that I cannot wait

Karen Koszo

5.0 out of 5 stars - A must read for not only leaders, but everyone!

March 12, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

"Kudos to Maria Nebres! Her honest book provides a thought-provoking approach to authentically revitalizing engagement in the workplace. This is a great starting point for personal leadership in a time when pressures are at an all time high in both business and personal life. Maria brilliantly

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars - Maria's concept of "life by deliberate design"

March 10, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

"Love and the Highly Engaged Team is a refreshing guide to help you through your world of time crunches and chaos! Yes, there are others out there who are going through the exact same thing you are….everyday! This book helps you to recognize and get past issues that you