Signature Services

Consulting, Guiding, Advisory & Support

Personal development and transformation (Private and Group), factors include:  personal awareness, energetic amplification, growth, emotional-spiritual maturity, and mindset transformation as the vital foundation for realizing potential in lasting and authentic success in all aspects of life domains. Why? Because it is a life grounded from one’s whole essence (intellect/mind, emotions, body, heart-spirit) of unique truths in vitality, zone of genius, talents and gifts with optimal level of consciously deliberate design and not by default. 

Key Benefits include:

  • Amplified personal leadership and resilience;
  • Amplified focus and engagement on priorities that serve purpose, core genius/talents, growth and fulfillment;
  • Amplified energy that serves: emotional maturity, self-esteem, influence, impact, negotiation and confidence that can weather and break through change and its challenges and opportunities (personally and professionally);
  • Enhanced relationships with self and others focused on aspects such engagement, influence, impact, conflict resolution.

Organizational development and transformation:  Blending expertise in human resources within business practices and landscapes of high change, with human relations, spiritual development and growth factors for authentic leadership, wholistic workplace practices and engagement to optimize vitality, core genius, and gifts of all individuals woven into organizational Vision, Mission, Values, operations and goals. Areas discovered and cultivated include the core base points for achieving aligned focus, productivity, high engagement, and sustainable results through: 

  • inspiring self and team leadership; 
  • authenticity within spirit of service; 
  • raising personal and team influence and impact;
  • clarified Vision, Mission and Values with aligned engagement for success/performance objectives geared to provide optimal clear line of sight and goals achievement; organizational structure and culture development that considers effective collaborative and spirit model of service, accountability, supportive talent management, self-development and retention strategies; 
  • improved & ongoing workplace wellness and relationships; 
  • sustaining high engagement levels and resilience; 
  • taking inspired accountability for high performance and wellness in the workplace. 

Key Benefits include:

  • Enhanced relationship and people leadership, supporting management practices for optimal talent sourcing/management; employee relations; engagement; teaming and conflict management;
  • Improved alignment with business and people strategic objectives for results;
  • Aligned accountability across all levels for influencing results;
  • Enhanced human resources management practices and measurements – e.g., development, engagement, absenteeism, productivity, reduced turnover/ attrition of performers, increased retention of performers, improved talent and succession management;
  • Increased engagement level targets;
  • Enhanced spirit of service culture from the inside-out, which pushes all to the next level of their achievement in a wholistic way – a culture that promotes: Commitment versus Interest; Results versus Excuses; Rewards versus Penalties; Success Management verses Performance Management; Growth which embraces the right discomfort to stretch and transform.

Flexible solutions Empowering Business Leaders and Their Teams 

for Aligned Engagement and Productivity

  • HR Insights - consultation and workplace audits, guiding tips, template support, advisory support on governance, team-building and people practices, due-diligence considerations within employment life cycle - recruitment, performance management, learning, collaborative and engagement, self-management/care, culture practices, onboarding and exit strategies
  • Experienced in workplace investigations and resolution-handling-facilitation, with trauma-informed sensitivity
  • HR Interim and project advisory support - People policies/programs strategy, development & Integration; employee engagement; human dynamics change management; exit program that supports your Values and bottom-line; new hire integration into people practices and leadership; corporate ethics; accountability-based individual/teaming and resource-management; organizational development; team building and enhancement facilitation and chartering
  • Strategic HR and transformation Initiatives supporting humanistic systems and relationship structures aligned with business transformation needs.


Her consultation, coaching and support would benefit any organization. Over the past year and to date, I have engaged in personal coaching with her and in the short time, through her care and attention to detail, I was able to recalibrate and allow pieces of the true ‘me’ to come out and play again. I am noticing great things happening in the way I think and lead my life both personally and professionally.”

– Wanita Fonseka, Vice President, Financial Services industry


Awareness, Learning, and Healing Intensives - Raise Your Influence and Impact, for Brilliance in Your World

There are a variety of signature speaking, interactive seminars, private and group intensives/workshops and retreats available as customized to meet client needs, which guide from the commitment to spreading the message and providing the remembrance that Love and Leadership go hand in hand, heart-to-heart, as the powerful sources for bringing about exceptional engagement, focus and sustainable results that serve all - both in the workplace and in personal life. 

Keynote speaking engagement is a great way to introduce motivation for personal and mindset transformation introductions towards high engagement, goals/success achievement - whether in the workplace or other life-spheres that matter to you (e.g., associations, charity work, relationships requiring enhancements). This is a motivational speaking address, which typically lasts from 30 minutes to an hour (maximum 2 hours, depending on customization needs) and can either act as a stand-alone introductory motivational seminar on authentic success and performance enhancement or act as a perfect motivation-sprinkle to an existing meeting, convention, conference, town hall, or retreat for organizations.

Topics are customized to fit client needs and anchored from our Signature Program elements to our operating philosophy for meaningful work and relationships

Available standard workshop topics include (*contact us for a discovery session, tailored to your needs):

  • The Balance of Compassion and Relationship Conflict Resolutions - for self and others
  • Workplace Wellness & What's Involved - the inner journey and the external journey flow (Strategy into Action)
  • The "4-letter Word that Smarter than Smart Leaders Live By"
  • Why Coaching Builds Trust More than Command & Control
  • How to Increase Response-Ability & Why It's Critical in Today's World - the inner and the outer benefits
  • Learning signature modules of FACTOR OF, leveraging ancient and modern teachings and wisdom for authentic success, self-management, team leadership, work and life balance, negotiation skills, influence and impact
  • How to Realize Your Limitless Potential for Influence and Impact - in the workplace and in personal life
  • Essential Practices for Workplace Effectiveness - workplace success, spirit of service, leadership, cross-boundary accountability management and engagement
  • The Balance of Motivation, Performance & Discipline for Results and Relationships that Matter
  • True Impact & Influence - from the Inside-Out (From Potential to Realizing Sustainable Outcomes)
  • Emotional Management, Intelligence, Resilience
  • The Power of Hypnosis for Performance Enhancement
  • Workplace & Life - Stress Busters
  • Group Hypnosis Workshops for Performance Enhancement
  • Private sessions (opt-in only) - Hypnosis (therapeutic work) for removing erroneous limiting emotional and behavioural blocks to performance (e.g., confidence, influence, self esteem, impact on the job or in a relationship role)
Workshops & Retreat-Sessions: Burnout-Liberation and Healing (online, destination retreats, in-person as pandemic guidelines allow); Passion and Purpose that Serves; Integrative Service Plan from True Leadership; Compass re-set from within for wholeness and sustainability for what serves.

Workplace Wellness / Organization Development Category – focus is on key success-enabling principles, habits and techniques for organization/team-wide transformation practices, along with personal wellness from the inside-out. Consulting, coaching, training and implementation support, leveraging HR and human relations best practices for enhanced workplace culture, vitality, health and wellness, engagement, and resilience.

Personal Growth & Leadership Development Category - focus is on key authentic success-enabling principles, habits and techniques for enhancing influence and impact. Personal self-care, development and transformation modules are prioritized to discover, design, and realize success potential that serves clear purpose and goals both personally and professionally. 

Seminar-training/workshop and retreat series within the signature framework provide an interactive game-changing, practical step-by-step guidance for one’s personal journey to achieving lasting success in what matters in life – at a personal, leadership and professional level.

Much of Maria’s success is a result of personal traits such as being introspective; adaptable; intuitive; creative; an eager learner; optimistic; trustworthy; efficient and generous as well as being an effective communicator, both written and oral with exceptional listening skills.

– Bruce Tibbitts, retired Executive and Consultant, Human Resources, Financial Services industry

Coaching & Accountability Partnering

Wholistic approach, including... 

  • Certified training and facilitation of authentic leadership and success principles, opt-in Accredited Hypnosis therapy work, healing and wellness modalities for individual or group-based relationship/team-building sessions for enhanced relationships and success realization (varied and includes psychometric assessments exercises). 
  • 25+years of expertise in human resources/relations, engagement, outplacement, employee relations, authentic leadership and organizational leadership.
  • Motivational coaching for personal leadership and success management, drawn from work and studies with personal success transformation experts, thought leaders and ancient wisdom teachings on wholistic healing.
  • Relaxation and mindset realignment strategies.

Coaching and accountability partnering are focused on providing support to handle variables and circumstances from work and life environments - helping you through transitions often presenting challenges leaving you 'stuck'. Support includes learning to step out of comfort zones using methods and techniques in order to get  from where you are, to where you want to be, and by deliberate design, as Maria describes in her books, Love and the Highly Engaged Team: Make a Difference Through Your Leadership, and Love & Leadership in The Fast Lane: How To Lead Without Selling Short on What Matters Most.


I had the pleasure of working with Maria at [a major financial services company]. Maria was our HR Consultant and provided exemplary service to our Operations departments and its people. Maria demonstrated an expertise in succession planning, competency-based performance analysis, motivational surveys, and performance appraisals. While working with Maria, it was evident that she contributed to the success and growth of our department and our people. Her consultation, coaching and support would benefit any organization. Over the past year and to date, I have engaged in personal coaching with her and in the short time, through her care and attention to detail, I was able to recalibrate and allow pieces of the true ‘me’ to come out and play again. I am noticing great things happening in the way I think and lead my life both personally and professionally.

– Wanita Fonseka, Vice President, Financial Services industry